The Eosi are space-travelling aliens able to read and manipulate minds. Their culture and scientific knowledge is much further advanced than humans’. Several centuries ago, they created the téras as an experiment.

They are completely capable of destroying all life on Kairula on a whim. To ensure that they do not do so, every 7 years they are given a human, elf, or lupus to do as they like with. This is arranged 14 years in advance, and the person has to be 21 years old. (They would be 7 at the time of arrangement.)

The Eosi can change small details of their physical appearance, such as their skin colour. Patterned skin is common.

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A group of three Eosi dignitaries, with size indication

The Eosi are humanoids, slightly taller than the average human. They can alter small details of their physical appearance, such as giving themselves patterned skin, which is a common fashion statement.

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The Eosi are telepaths. All of them have the ability to read and manipulate minds, but in varing degrees. The strongest have the highest ranks, and these ranks are constantly shifting as they gain and lose influence. No distinction appears to be made between male and female - indeed, it is not certain whether there are any female Eosi, or whether they are born by some other means.

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The téras

The Eosi claim to be responsible for the creation of the téras, and it seems highly probable that they are telling the truth. The abilities of the two races seem fairly similar, although the Eosi are generally stronger and more capable with them, and the Eosi certainly have sufficiently advanced technology to give their abilities to random baby animals and humans if they felt like it.

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