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  • B'dang-dangs
  • Dryads
  • Lamiae


Male and female b'dang-dangs, with size indication

A b'dang-dang is an ape-like creature with limited tool-using and language capabilities. They live in the southern jungles, in communities of 20 to 50. The females are considerably smaller and subordinate.

Threat level: 3 to 5, depending on size and numbers.


A young dryad peeking from her tree
A young dryad peeking from her tree

Dryads are shy and gentle spirits who are the embodiments of the trees' spirits. They do not eat, but grow stronger or weaker as their tree does.

Threat level: 1. You'd have to be really stupid to get hurt by these soft-hearted sweeties.


A lamia in half-serpent form

Lamiae are women - never men - who can shapeshift between human and serpent form. One is shown here in half-and-half form, which most of them prefer. They reproduce by seducing human men. The offspring produced are always female and are always lamiae.

Threat level: 2 if you're female, 5 if you're male.

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