In Kairula, modern technology doesn't work. So, no mobile phones, TV, iPod, electric lights...but also some things that you wouldn't really think of. Cars don't work, or aeroplanes, but neither do trains. Not even the old coal-powered ones. Partly because there's nothing for them to run on - there is, as far as anyone knows, no coal in Kairula. There is also no iron - it's all imported from Earth.

The functions technology provides on Earth, like heating, lighting and communication, are provided on Kairula by the old-fashioned methods used before the technology was invented, but also, for those that can afford it, by magic.

Page contents

  • The magic of Atlantis
  • Black magic
  • Dragons
  • The Eosi
  • Green magic
  • Human magic
  • Lupi
  • Portals
  • Téras
  • Valheru
  • Vampires

The magic of Atlantis

This is the magic used by the eldar and the reason for the elves' existence as a species (see History of the Elves). Its source is magical crystals that come from a cave on Atlantis. They never run out because they grow constantly, and they can be separated into smaller crystals to be given to several mages.

Black magic

Also known as blood magic or death magic, because of its source.

Emotions have power. This power can be transformed into magic by someone with the knowledge and ability - and the complete lack of a conscience. Negative emotions, such as pain or fear, have more power than positive ones.

All living creatures have power inside them. Humans have more than animals. Téras, mages, elves, lupi and vampires have more than that, and dragons have even more. Death releases this power, and someone who knows what they are doing can capture it at the moment of death.

Black magic is used by the moredhel (see Elves) and by a few foolish and power-mad human mages.


Not very much is known about the way dragon magic works. We do know that air dragons’ power comes from the sun, and water dragons’ power comes from, strangely enough, water.

Air dragons can fly, breathe fire, make fireballs, and otherwise manipulate fire. There are no physical attributes which would account for any of these – yes, they have wings, and yes, they work, but they can fly much further and faster than they should be able to.

Water dragons can swim as far and fast as air dragons can fly – in other words, magically fast.

All dragons can shapeshift using magic, and there is a certain amount of magic involved in a dragon’s birth, but no-one is certain exactly how or how much.

The dragonrider bond

Some dragons choose to link themselves magically to a person. They give this person their true name, which enables them to communicate mentally with the dragon, draw on the dragon's magic to lend extra power to their spells, and teleport to wherever the dragon is. (Also, the dragon is able to teleport to wherever they are.) These people are known as dragonriders because they are also able to ride their dragon.

The Eosi

The Eosi can alter their physical appearance and read and control minds. They can also teleport and open portals. Unfortunately, they have so far not seen fit to share with anyone how they achieve any of these.

Green magic

Green magic is used by shapeshifters, sylvans, elves and sprites. In Kairula, it is naturally present in trees, plants, water, the weather and the earth.

For sylvans, sprites and shapeshifters, it is necessary for their survival – they cannot leave Kairula and survive.

Green magic is already shaped by nature, and is less versatile in what it can do, but it does not start fires if the caster is interrupted or unable to finish a spell, as human magic does.

Human magic


The magic used by the lupi to shape-shift comes partly from the moon Cánda, and partly from green magic. Its use is instinctive and almost impossible to duplicate by anyone other than a lupus.


The portal in Atlantis
The portal in Atlantis

A portal is a gateway between one world and another. The portals most commonly used are between Earth and Kairula. Portals can be created by most magic users, if they are powerful enough, but they can also appear at random e.g. the one which appeared on the last day of Atlantis and saved the elves (see History of the Elves).

Portals look like doorways, with no frame, hinges or door, just a rectangular opening into another world.

Portals always face the sun, or the moon if it is night - at least, the side you want to go through does. The other side, the side that is in shadow, leads to Shadow, and very few people come back from Shadow alive. Even fewer come back unscathed and sound of body and mind.


Téras can read minds and, to a limited extent, can control them. Some of the more powerful human téras can teleport and open portals, but these are mostly mages. Human and humanoid téras are more powerful than their animal counterparts.

The Valheru

Like humans, some Valheru are mages. The difference is that the percentage of Valheru with magical talent is much higher, standing at around 50%.


All vampires have some level of specialised magical talent. Some have more than others, depending on whether they had any powers before being changed, and how strong they were. Common vampire skills include invisibility and hypnosis.