The Valheru are not native to either Kairula or Terra. They invaded Kairula in 84 BC, through a rift created by their mages, to enslave the dragons there. In their language, Valheru means "Dragon Master(s)".

There are no Valheru on Kairula now. Some of them left with their captured dragons, and the rest wiped each other out in a huge battle, in 410 AD.

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What were they like?

A Valheru with size indication

The Valheru came to Kairula from another world, drawn by the bright auras of the dragons and the elves. They were cold and cruel, and larger than life. They made both races their slaves and playthings. They have been dead for centuries, wiped out in one glorious, terrible battle brought on when seven of them turned against the rest, but their legacy remains, and both the elves and the dragons still remember them in tales passed down through generations.

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The main events of the Valheru occupation of Kairula. [Unfinished.]

85 BC

A Valheru warlord called Evareth, searching the star system for dragons, finds Kairula and requests an invasion force, promising a dragon and a lordship to every Valheru who goes with him. Warriors flock to him by the dozens.

84 BC

300 Valheru warriors, led by Evareth, arrive on Kairula through a rift opened by their mages. They split into three groups, and one group goes to each continent. They don't bother with the North Pole because they know the dragons wouldn't choose to live somewhere so cold.

78 BC

The three great cities of Rillanon (later the site of Camelot) in Theriven, Baredon in Darren, and Shamata in Kordana, are completed.

77 BC

The eastern Valheru leave and take every living dragon on the continent. These were the dragons that came from China. Only the ghosts of those who died resisting them remained to comfort the people, who were devastated by the loss of the beautiful winged beings they worshipped as gods.

410 AD

The remaining Valheru wipe each other out in a huge battle that turns half the southern continent into a huge desert.

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The Invasion

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East - Darren and Hilan

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West - Theriven and the elves

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South - Kordana and the renegades

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The battle

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